Alex Lumain
Alex Lumain
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One Love Foundation

Love Better Chocolate Box

Can a chocolate teach you how to love better? The more we learn about love, the stronger our relationships will be.
The eight confections in this box represent the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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The Box

The chocolate box was made to resemble the shape and ritual of the king of Valentine’s day gifts, but look different enough to signal that it wasn’t like any ordinary box of chocolates. The box itself has a hard sleeve and a beautiful matte foil stamp of the One Love Foundation’s logo mark. The inside of the box contains eight colorful wells each fit to hold the custom chocolates for the campaign. The entire box is wrapped in a luxurious, gold flecked white vellum to give the box an expensive, highly visual experience to the holder.

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The Chocolates

The eight custom confections created to spark conversations about positive and negative relationship experiences were all made from scratch. The pieces represent four healthy and four unhealthy relationship behaviours: Respect, Honesty, Equality, Independence, Sabotage, Obsession, Isolation and Manipulation.

Design Direction under Chris Rowson
In Collaboration with Al Merry, Mike Blanche, Shannon Murphy, Bonnie Wang