Alex Lumain
Alex Lumain
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A New Way Forward

Since 1961, CoverGirl has given women permission to enjoy buying and applying makeup. This simple act has transformed the way women think about themselves and the role that makeup plays in their lives. In 2017 and beyond, CoverGirl’s transformative role will take center stage, establishing the brand as the authority on beauty and transformative looks.

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Photography Direction

The photography is clean, beautiful, and natural. The products look real and authentic, as if they are sitting or laid on a vanity, but still premium and aspirational. The dollops are subtle, but artistic, with hints of imperfection and a human touch.

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Print & In-Store

Leading the charge to introduce the world to the new COVERGIRL rebrand, the print speaks to the new design direction. It is meant to look modern, but fresh in a sea of sameness in beauty advertising.

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TV Spots to highlight the new COVERGIRLs and their associated products in the initial launch, Featuring Maye Musk, Issa Rae, and Ayesha Curry.


Design Direction under Maria Wan with Kayt Brylinsky
Creative Direction from Alexander Nowak, Ray Smiling, Shannon Washington with Marie Delpy, Ariella Gogol, Marybeth Ledesma, and Phil Hadad